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Elian speaking @ React Brussels

Elian is a Software Engineer @vBridge where he started a couple years ago as an intern. He has a strong focus on design, front-end development and cloud native web-applications with the emphasis on personalisation and technical innovation. Elian started out building static websites to showcase the photos he took, then discovered JAMStack development, since then he's always learning and trying out new stuff. Experimentation drew him to Astro, there was no way back. Now, Elian is an Astro Ambassador & always available for a chat or drink.

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    Front-End Challenge Belgium 2022

    Thu Feb 16 2023

    Are you fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Angular? Then this challenge is for you! Sign-up for the SD Worx Front-End challenge.

    Jury at SDWorx

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    Astro - Less JavaScript, Faster Website

    Wed Feb 08 2023

    To be announced soon!

    Talk at JSWorld

  • Past events:

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    This talk will contain an intro into cloud native development, using React (and Astro) & Google Cloud Platform. We’ll go deeper into what cloud native development means, how to build, deploy a serverless web application with Docker, Cloud Run or a static bucket. No upfront knowledge required!

  • ⚡️

    Astro is a static site generator which focusses on publishing as little JavaScript as possible, while keeping the developer experience high. Let’s dig deeper in the Astro JavaScript Framework.

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    Between clouds & Stars: Fun with Astro & Google Cloud

    Wed Sep 14 2022

    In this talk we’ll go a a little deeper in exploring the atmosphere from back- to front-end. We’ll take a look at developing web applications without a backend, but using cloud native solutions (like Cloud Functions ect.), containerising your applications and deploying them using pipelines. Of course we also take a look at scalability & autoscaling.

  • ⚡️

    Astro is an upcoming JavaScript framework which focuses on the generation of JAMStack sites with less JavaScript. This talk is a first look on web development with Astro.