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Elian Van Cutsem

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Elian, software engineer located in Belgium, currently working as DX-support at Astro. My love for the web was first sparked in 2018 when I decided to build a simple HTML page to display the photo's I took at the time, there was no way back! Since then and there, I was completely in love with building on and for the web. I transitioned to a Wordpress drag-and-drop to then learning JavaScript and JAMStack development.

Today, I'm mainly focussed on Full-Stack development with a love for front-end and JavaScript.

I started out as a front-end engineering intern in 2020 at vBridge, where I also started getting into JavaScript frameworks. Next to engineering, I'm writing technical documentation & giving talks and workshops about Astro.

  • So, I'm leaving vBridge

    So, I'm leaving vBridge

    After spending a couple of years at vBridge Cloud, I'm leaving the company. I've worked at vBridge eversince I graduated. Now, It's time for a new adventure! I'm joining the DX-team at Astro full-time!

  • Becoming an Astro maintainer

    Becoming an Astro maintainer

    Since a week, I'm an Astro maintainer, in this post, I describe the process and my start in open source. I also give some insight in what I'm planning to work on.

  • 🍱 Brutal: A theme for Astro

    🍱 Brutal: A theme for Astro

    Brutal is a minimal neobrutalist theme for Astro. It's based on Neobrutalist Web Design, a movement that aims to create websites with a minimalistic and functional design. It has some integrations like Image Optimization, RSS, Sitemap, ready to get your SEO done right.