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Published on 04/05/2021 23:27 by Elian Van Cutsem

What does TailwindCSS 2.1 improve?

TailwindCSS 2.1 just got released. Read the official blogpost about that here. I’m excited for it since it brings the new Just-In-Time engine to the core, I wrote a detailed blogpost about what it is and how to use it some time ago, which actually did very well.

Tailwind JIT

The JIT engine got added to the core which means that you don’t have to install a separate package and do some PostCSS changes. Initially the JIT engine had some issues with some CSS classes and properties, but most of them already got ironed out.

Using JIT engine in TailwindCSS 2.1

Using the JIT engine in TailwindCSS 2.0.4 required to set the PostCSS config to include another package called @tailwindcss/jit as seen below:

// postcss.config.js

module.exports = {
  plugins: [require("@tailwindcss/jit"), require("autoprefixer")],

Where you now only need the following line mode: 'jit' in your tailwind.config.js

// tailwind.config.js

module.exports = {
  mode: "jit",
  purge: {
    enabled: true,
    content: [
  darkMode: "class",
  theme: {

You can even remove the @tailwindcss/jit package completely from your project.

using it with the @nuxtjs/tailwindcss module

The TailwindCSS module for NuxtJS supported JIT mode since v4.0.1, but now you don’t even have to set the mode.

Previously we set it by adding this to our nuxt.config.js file:

// nuxt.confug.js

tailwindcss: {
  // other @nuxtjs/tailwindcss
  jit: true // or false

Now we don’t have to include it here anymore, but instead add it as mode: 'JIT' in the tailwind.config.js file:

// tailwind.config.js

module.exports = {
  mode: "jit",
  // other TailwindCSS options

Support for CSS filters, blending modes & isolation utilities

This is a CSS feature I haven’t quite used that much, but it’s nice to see TailwindCSS become a very complete and sophisticated CSS framework.

To read more about those check out the official TailwindCSS blogpost about v2.1

Upgrading from 2.0.4 to 2.1

Upgrading is nothing more then yarn upgrade or yarn add tailwindcss@latest

Written by Elian Van Cutsem

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