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Published on 2024-02-09 22:40 by Elian Van Cutsem

Releasing my Astro default setup

Every time I set up a new project for myself (using Astro), I find myself installing the same plugins, setting the same settings, and even copy pasting some parts. So I decided to throw it into a template repo on GitHub and eventually open up the repository to the public, which is what I did today. Not really to get contributed to, but rather to show others how I develop my personal projects.

Link to repo: elians-astro-startkit

What does the project contain

You can read the full list of all the technologies I use in the project and why in the README of the repo. But to save you time, here is a TLDR;


I quickly wanted to write down some intentions I have for the repo.

I will update / change it, depending on me changing my “go to” technologies. For instance, at any time in the future, I might change my TypeScript settings or change the design system. Maybe there is an ideal technology that I really want / need but isn’t released yet? (Yes, I’m totally talking about Astro Studio).

Feel free to use the template!

Written by Elian Van Cutsem

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