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Brutal: A theme for Astro

Brutal is a minimal neobrutalist theme for Astro. It’s based on Neobrutalist Web Design, a movement that aims to create websites with a minimalistic and functional design. It has some integrations like Image Optimization, RSS, Sitemap, ready to get your SEO done right.

Finally, I published my own website’s 2023 redesign as an Astro theme!

Getting started

# npm 6.x
npx create astro@latest --template eliancodes/brutal

# npm 7+
npx create astro@latest -- --template eliancodes/brutal

# pnpm
pnpx create-astro --template eliancodes/brutal

# yarn
yarn create astro --template eliancodes/brutal

That’s it! You now should have a fully functional theme!!



I recently got more in contact with UnoCSS and really love it. I decided to set it up with this theme, so more people can get easy access to using it without the hassle of setting it up. I also love the presets for utility-first classes and pureCSS icons!

Astro integrations

The theme includes some basics you need to setup a blog or general website. It will for example generate a sitemap for you, add an RSS feed from your blogposts and add image optimisations.

Written by Elian Van Cutsem

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